The 22nd international conference for English language teaching professionals by IATEFL Hungary

Initiating students into the wider ELT community

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I’ve always believed as a methodology teacher that we should not only teach people the nuts and bolts of classroom stuff, as complex as that is, but that we should initiate them into the wider ELT community. When I was working at ELTE I always made the big IATEFL online part of our curriculum.

The other wonderful way of doing it is with our own IATEFL conference. This is a little film of 4 students who are studying English in Eger and were asked by their teacher to be involved in the 2012 Hungarian IATEFL conference as student helpers.

These 4 students, as well as the others who worked as student helpers, benefited enormously from the experience. Hats off to their methodology/Applied Linguistics teacher for getting them into this.

Mark Andrews Mark has written about student helpers in much more detail on his blog.