The 22nd international conference for English language teaching professionals by IATEFL Hungary

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Scott Thornbury’s workshop material

Here’s a popular one. Thank you Scott for sharing your PPT.

Title of talk: “My ten favourite grammar lessons”
Presenter: Scott Thornbury
Time: October 6th, 16.15-17.00
Venue: Plenary Hall

Listen to Scott reflect on this workshop in an interview by Norbert Gálik.

Watch interview with Scott Thornbury.

Download: My ten favourite grammar lessons

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Friday highlights – a snappy review

Teacher Development A-Z by Margit Szesztay

Although she used her personal experiences, everyone was engaged in the topic in one way or another. The lecture was interactive and the viewpoint was interesting. She really made an effort and had a really stimulating attitude. Great speech! 🙂

My ten favourite grammar lessons by Scott Thornbury

The talk was really captivating. We didn’t even notice the fact that we were running out of time. I’m sure that almost everyone would put his ideas into practice. Thank you! 🙂

by Skriba Orsolya – Student Helper