The 22nd international conference for English language teaching professionals by IATEFL Hungary

Live channel

Watch live interviews with ELT experts on Saturday (6 Oct) between 10.15-16.30

Meet the plenary speakers, IATEFL-Hungary’s SIG co-ordinators, committee members and professional partners. Find out about their views on ELT, what they think about the conference and what they are up to.

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Don’t fret if you have missed the streaming, the interviews will be shortly uploaded to IATEFL Hungary’s YouTube channel and under ‘Interviews‘ on this blog.

Preliminary schedule of interviews:

10.15-10.25: Michael Carrier (right after his plenary session)
10.45-10.55: Szesztay Margit
11.15-11.25: IATEFL-Hungary SIG co-ordinators
11.45-11.55: Steve Oakes (after his workshop)
13.45-13.55: Ken Wilson (right after his plenary session)
14.15-14.25: Scott Thornbury
15.45-15.55: Bonnie Tsai (right after her plenary session)
16.15-16.25: Lindner Zsuzsa, Németh Nóra, Gergely Zita and Simon Ingram-Hill


5 thoughts on “Live channel

  1. Dear friends, wish you a very enjoyable conference, sorry I couldn`t join you, but at least, I can follow it online! Thanks, Barbara :))) Love 🙂 Sanja

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