The 22nd international conference for English language teaching professionals by IATEFL Hungary

Conference reflections by Lenka Kroupová

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After each conference I attend I feel a great compulsion to write a follow up blog post. However, this is actually the first time I cannot resist this urge any more. 🙂 If truth be told, I loved the whole event!

Organizers & speakers

Overall, this conference was very special. All organizers were incredibly helpful, ready and kind. I also appreciate the idea of preparing an online channel for the plenaries and the Eger Online platform. What a cool idea to share before, during and even after the conference!

What was also very pleasant was a very nice balance between the local speaker and recognized ELT authors and presenters. In the conference venue and during the whole event there were plenty of opportunities to discuss things. What I appreciated most was the feedback a starting presenter as me could get from much more experienced colleagues. First, I was very nervous to see Ken Wilson and Scott Thornbury in the audience but after all it was cool to have them there because they gave me tips I mostly appreciate and I will use to prepare an upgraded version of “the Jing thing“ workshop.

ICT SIG block

The first TeachMeet event at an IATEFL-Hungary conference

Having SIG sessions was wonderful. The ICT SIG session inspired in the teechmeet model moderated by Barbara Bujtás was very inspiring and Barbi is a highly talented moderator and city guide as well 😉 The 10-minute presentation format was a refreshing approach.

Erika Osváth showed from a different perspective an incredible „cabbage tool“ known also as „the Jing thing“. Understand, a cabbage is a substitute term which represents something incredibly useful just as the cabbage is – cool for playing football, holding pens, making a fine candle stick etc. etc. as teacher suggested during a warm-up activity :).

I just hated myself for leaving my laptop at home and not being able to try all the applications and tools on the spot (I´ve already asked Baby Jesus to bring me iPad this year so it´ll be ready for the next conference).

Eger wine & spa

To top up my happiness with the plenaries and workshops there was also the delicious Hungarian wine to taste and a fabulous spa to soak in. The close connection the Eger region has with vine was proved in the guesthouse I stayed at. The Wi-Fi password was – Egribikavér. 🙂

Basically, a huge thanks to everybody who made this conference possible and came to take part in it.

See you all next year!



Author: IATEFL-Hungary

The International Association of Teachers of English in Hungary

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