The 22nd international conference for English language teaching professionals by IATEFL Hungary

Conference reflections by Mary Sousa

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This was really the best conference we have had in Hungary. I was excited to be presenting again, of course, that was part of it. And the workshop I presented was very well received, too, so that made me feel even better. I came home fresh and ready to teach and try some new ideas — in fact I tried two already in my two Monday classes! Finally, I really want to change my way of preparing for lessons, a little based on dogme concepts, and just to be more effective and time-efficient. And I was thrilled to try karaoke for the first time! I could talk on and on…

The most inspiring thing I got from the conference was Bonnie Tsai’s question, “what are you going to do next in your development as a teacher?” Her question synthesized several vague ideas that had been circling in my thoughts, and now I have decided to rethink how I plan lessons, maybe with the help of a mentor. I am happy that Bonnie’s plenary energized me to do the next piece of my development.

Written by Mary Sousa, conference participant and IATEFL-Hungary enthusiast



Author: IATEFL-Hungary

The International Association of Teachers of English in Hungary

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