The 22nd international conference for English language teaching professionals by IATEFL Hungary

A student helper’s reflections (by Orsolya Skriba)

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“Bridging the authenticity gap” workshop by Steve Oakes

In our fast-developing word, it is indispensable to use technology both in everyday life and in classrooms. Steve Oakes showed us a way to engage students in learning processes. I believe that pupils will definitely love these BBC videos, because we also enjoyed them. Moreover, it is easy to complete the tasks according to these videos, so it’s also a win-win situation because success creates motivation.

“What about going to the business zoo?” workshop by Irina Koptelova

She brought us lots of expressions which are useful to know even if somebody is not very familiar with business life. She talked about businessmen, companies, markets and products. Personally, I’m a business English student at my university, so the cognition of these words is a big advantage for me, for sure.

“The significance of pronunciation in English as an international language” workshop by Balázs Feyér

I have never thought about accents this way before. Negative stereotype is a very serious issue, and we really have to change this tendency. Although I was glad to hear that Hungary is not in the worst situation (the country with the least accepted pronunciation) it is a very depressing fact that we actually judge people according to their pronunciation.

Written by Orsolya Skriba – Student Helper


Author: IATEFL-Hungary

The International Association of Teachers of English in Hungary

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